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Chef Golf, Head Chef and Owner

Our Chef

Chef Golf was born and grown in Bangkok, the capital city at Central Thailand where all good food from around the country can be found here!  Thai food combines the balance of many flavours in one dish, sweet, sour, salty, and sometimes spicy. You will enjoy new tastes from one dish to other dishes !  

Chef Golf graduated from Thai Culinary cuisine where all details are matters. He always put his heart and soul in everything he does. Every day he hand picks the ingredients and carefully craft every menu by himself because he knows how important the fresh ingredients are. 

We are proudly to bringing the uniqueness of Thai cuisine and hospitality from the heart of Thailand to our loving customers here in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

The Coast Article


Embark on a culinary journey that transcends borders and tantalizes taste buds with the captivating story of Kajohn Thai Restaurant, featured in this exclusive article from The Coast. 


Our Story

In the heart of a bustling Canadian city, amidst the diverse tapestry of cultures, stood Kajohn Thai Restaurant a testament to perseverance, passion, and the pursuit of dreams. The story of Kajohn Thai began with two individuals, chef Pisit Chinprawat (Golf)  and Aey, whose journey intertwined fate, hardships, and a shared love for authentic Thai cuisine.

Their journey, however, was far from easy. chef Golf and Aey faced numerous challenges, from language barriers to financial constraints. But their unwavering determination fueled their desire to bring the flavors of Thailand to Canada. With the encouragement of friends and family, they decided to pool their resources and start their own restaurant.

The early days were marked by long hours, steep learning curves, and sleepless nights. chef Golf, drawing from hid culinary training, curated a menu that showcased the rich and vibrant tapestry of Thai cuisine. Aey utilized her financial acumen to manage the business side of things. Together, they faced the daunting task of finding the perfect location, sourcing ingredients, and creating an inviting ambiance that mirrored the warmth of Thai culture.

Their commitment to authenticity was unyielding. Chef Golf tirelessly experimented with recipes, blending traditional techniques with locally sourced ingredients to create dishes that paid homage to their homeland. Aey, in turn, built a bridge between the restaurant and the community, fostering connections with locals, other business owners, and Thai expats who longed for a taste of home.

Today, Kajohn Thai Restaurant stands as a beacon of triumph—a testament to the courage of two individuals who dared to dream and the community that embraced their vision. Pim and Samrit's journey from hardship to success is a story of unwavering dedication, cultural exchange, and the transformative power of a shared passion, forever etched into the tapestry of Canada's culinary landscape.

Thai Culture

Credit : Momlhong

Thai Cuisine

Credit : YumYum
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